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Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm bored. Now, this in itself is not a news flash, but it's rare that I'm bored to the point of activity (such as blogging). So, I guess I'll jot down random thoughts on various least then it appears like I'm bring productive.

First off, the Obsession Page has been updated. Lot of big numbers there now.

I saw in iTunes that Evanescence has a new album slated for release on Tuesday. I've always liked this group, because they actually understand what "gothic" means. For those who don't know, "gothic" is not dressing in all black and talking about how sucky your life is and how nobody understands your pain. That's more like "emo" and the meeting for that is located just off the ledge of the nearest tall building. Gothic is about big, grandiose things...a strong rooting in the supernatural and other things beyond human understanding as well as a smidge of the universal human theme of suffering and longing (because you can't be human without experiencing that in your life...sorry). Their first album was very much gothic harkened back to the actual Gothic era where humanity was in that turbulent transition between the fear and deprivation of the Dark Ages and the upcoming enlightenment and progress of the Renaissance and I much enjoyed their music. New albums are always a mixed bag for me...oftentimes as the band refines their "sound" they move away from what made them great in the first place, in my opinion. They go down a little cul-de-sac and fizzle out...or they produce music that sounds exactly the same as their first album and people are like "so what?" and they fizzle out. Makes me appreciate the two-edged sword that is new albums and makes me glad my own life is devoid of such pitfalls.

The new Dawn of War expansion hits stores on the 9th, and I'm hoping that a store in the area actually bothers to order a copy of this one rather than telling me "Oh...well, we don't order PC games anymore unless there's pre-orders". I really really really hate ordering from the stores, mainly because I either have to go to the store twice to pre-order it then pick it up, or I go online to then have to go to the store and in my mind...the whole point of going online is to save the gas to go to the store...BUT, if you don't pick it up in the store, you pay extra for shipping AND get your game later since they send it by bulk "we don't care if it gets there" rate. Seriously, I don't know who's in charge of distribution for Electronigamestocolandagges (since most video game stores are now owned by the same company)...but they need to be fired. It's obtuse little systems like that which ensure digital distribution is going to become more and more common and more or less remove the need for the store in the long term. Traditional business can only beat online ones by offering *more* services tailored to the customer. Fail that, and your company is doomed to defeat. If PC games go to the full-digital model, you can beat that console games won't be that far behind. After that...what would that store have to sell?

Yeah, I have way too much time to think about pointless crap I know...but that's what happens when you're unattached. You have nothing if not time...and money apparently. Somehow that balance keeps creeping up, and I look around my house and it certainly isn't because I don't buy stupid crap. Only conclusion I'm left with...

In other news, my memory absolutely sucks lately. Part of the reason there's no new blogs is that I never remember what the hell is going on. Serioiusly. I came into work Monday and could not remember a damned thing I did Friday. Ditto on Tuesday with regards to Monday. I mean, I must be doing SOMETHING because nobody is yelling at me to do anything...but for the life of me I can't recall what it is.

Oh, how'd my birthday go? It was very quiet. My mother had classes on the day of, so they didn't take me out to my birthday dinner till the following Sunday...which was fine. I'd prefer a delayed day of dinner to eating at 8PM at night at the earliest. My gifts consisted of....a self-cleaning litter box. Granted, cleaning Nimmy's litterbox is a chore I despise and avoid, so this is a very practical gift...but it still doesn't quite have the ring to it of "hey, I got a new computer!" or "I bought a new outfit!"...nope..."I got a litterbox! yeah!" Still, all perceptions aside it is pretty handy and it makes yon kitty it's all good I suppose. I'm a pain in the ass to buy gifts for because anything fun that I'd want, I already have. Damn my sense of instant gratification!

Anyway, I'm going to go see if I feel like driving to the toy store to pick up some Night Goblins. They're short, mean, sneaky and insist on dressing in robes. Granted, black robes instead of red ones...but for some odd reason I can't help thinking they remind me of someone I know.....................

On that note, I don't know when I'll be posting again...but hopefully before October 13th when I leave to attend my (younger) cousin's wedding.

Sigh...getting old.

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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Was doing well for a bit, and then the summer hell kicked in, as expected.

The transition of our eLearning system could certainly have gone better. Unfortunately, it's one of those "out of our hands" my focus has been ways to work around these problems. Really sucks that we're into crunch time as the server with all our content currently won't exist after September and we don't really have a lot of stuff over. More news as it happens there...

Brazil was quite nice, though it is a bit different seeing the country with someone who lives there. As a family visit it was quite lovely, though as a vacation it was a bit odd. I mean, it's nice to go to just places that are nice and good and such, but at the same time if EVERYTHING is great, it starts to lose it's charm. Kind of like that Twilight Zone where the guy gets everything he wants. Still, given that the bad things in Brazil can result in you getting robbed and/or killed, I'll stick with the "everything's great!" itinerary we enjoyed.

Anyway, I'll edit this and add more later and copy it over to MySpace, but my amusement is to follow...

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Well, it means hello and fits.

I know it's been forever ago since I posted...remember what I said about the summer sucking last time? Anywho, just to catch folks up...

Around Memorial Day, my air conditioner's drain pipe sprung a leak, and of course water ended up everywhere. However, this was largely not detectable since my A/C is up in the attic, and a cool house with no strange noises is not exactly a prompt for me to go check on the A/C unit. So of course by the time it manifests itself, all sorts of wall and ceiling junk has gotten wet/damaged. Yay... -_- Fortunately, I pay insurance for a reason, and after a bit of lengthy delay in reviewing my claim, they sent the check promptly. Repairs should be carried out sometime in the next um...yay for that?

At work, things have not sucked as bad as I thought they would...but then again I'm a pessimist...they've still sucked rather well. I've not been drawn into other people's projects as much as I'd feared I might be, but my own have kept me busy enough. Still, it's far from the worst summer I've spent there.

In WoW-related news, the Paladin (termed by fellow guildmates as "SuperPally") reached the lofty rank of 60 about a month or so ago. The trek from 53 to 60 taking...all of a week. Yeah, think I'm getting rather good at that stretch. Now my only problem is which character to work on next. Ah well...c'est la vie. At least I'm not bored yet I suppose.

And now that I've made this brief return, I'm off again! Spending the next 10 days or so visiting my brother down in Rio de Janiero. Should be fun, but then again I'm not someone who really "vacations" well. I inevitably end up bored and just wanting to go home or things go by way too fast. Hopefully this will strike a happy medium. As an added bonus, I'll come home to my house being if by magic pixies.

Anyway, I'm off to finish packing up and heading out. And no, you can't come...the runt ruined it for everyone!

Aloha! Though I might be on from time to time down there...not sure what the Internet situation might be.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Just wanted to toss a quick image up to catalog the progress of my WoW illness.

This has been a big week for me, I love/hate E3 week (Electronic Entertainment Expo for those lamers out there that don't know...). I hate the month previous where NOTHING newsworthy about gaming comes out because "we're saving it for E3"...but then I love this deulge of cool stuff just flooding out.

The Nintendo "Wii"-tardedly named console, for instance. Wasn't real big on it before, but the controller has become very intriguing. The idea that while playing a football game you could have to make a throwing motion, or the prospect of LucasArts making a lightsaber-based game around it's motion sensor...that's just cool. Plus it gets a bit more activity into gaming, which I think is a good direction to head in.

For those who haven't heard, the new Alliance race for WoW was announced. I have to say I'm surprised. Most people in ATF are as well...we're so used to Mal'Ganis and Blizzard's quite visible Horde favortism we expected the Alliance race to be as stupid and half-assed as they could possibly make them. Amazingly, they made something that is very much on the same level for "coolness" if not quite on the same level for looks. Oh, and yes Blizzard favors the Horde...heavily. On most servers where the Horde are badly outnumbered it's not clear...but when the Horde have a population advantage it's "WTF were these guys smoking when they designed this?"

Still, the expansion looks like it'll be fun, which is good news for me. It'll be fun when we're all rolling Blood Elves and ATF can go questing and such as a group like at release. Right now there's so many characters scattered across so many levels that it's sometimes hard for us to all hang out...and that's sad.

Oh well, fun times ahead!

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Monday, May 8, 2006

Thank you all for attending today, we'll be discussing the activities of one Krinny D. Sath over the weekend and then opening the floor to some brief questions.

First off, since my last posting I've knocked out my two WoW sub-goals. I have a full-fledged alchemist and finished off my last rare set (see?). Yay for that I suppose. We also spent a great deal of time on Sunday beating the crap out of people in the Hinterlands region (yes, it's actually called the Hinterlands). It started out as a bit of rogue-on-rogue action (Rogues do it from behind (>^(O_O) hehe...) and eventually inflated to us smacking about every little Hordeling for a total of about five hours in two sittings.

Just as a brief explanation for those who don't know, Mal'Ganis is a PvP server. This means it's one of the places where the complete dregs of society gather. There's no understanding, no friendship...hell, there's not even a basic level of human decency. If someone can be an asshole to you, chances are they probably will be. This is especially fun if you're Alliance on MG as you're outnumbered roughly 2 to if you're getting grief, chances are you can leave or...leave. The Horde largely don't have experience with this as they've got loads of people bored and sitting around. Such was the case at the start in the Hinterlands as the rogue goes crying to a bunch of people because all our Horde are crybabies at heart. It was quite satisfying to crush them all like the ants they are. ^_^ 71 honor kills, plus tons that didn't register. Granted, there was nothing honorable at all about most of those...but hey, Blizzard never said it was the "fair play" system.

Also, I've declared myself the official Guild Pimp. Observe me on my throne...or something...

In this "real life" that some of you strange people insist on living in, I'm finally done with my spring classes! Yay! Got a 94 in my programming class, largely because I didn't do an assignment. I didn't like it, it smelled burning. Plus we hit Krinny's infamous law of diminishing returns. Roughly stated, when further effort will fail to produce any improvement, I cease applying effort. A 94 counts the same as a why waste the hour or so to do the assignment to end up exactly the same place as before?

Summer is looking like pure hell though. Way too much stuff having to get done in way too short a time frame...thanks IS!

Next, from the "look! Someone with more time on their hands than me!" file, the following two movies courtesy of Google Video. If your computer can't run it, you suck and that's sad. Watch the first movie first. The 2nd movie is the trailer for the movie they're releasing in June. Sound is needed to enjoy them fully, as one expects from these new-fangled things. Apparently the era of the silent movie is over...who knew?

Awesome stuff...but damn, too much time on their hands.

Now, for some brief questions....yes, you in the front...

"What about new of a tax increase?"

We've often told the citizens of Krinland that such things might be needed to defray the cost of services that the government provides. Next...

"What's your response to allegations of indecent behaviors with minors?"

I assure you that anyone involved in indecent behaviors is of the proper age to be doing so. Next question...

"What about the weapons we've seen being stockpiled?"

No comment.

"Why did we really go to war in Iraq?"


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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Trailer from the new Dawn of War expansion...yummy. Fall 2006 didn't really seem that far away until now....

If you can't run Google Video a computer that doesn't suck.

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Quick update...and end to the madness, as exhibited by my new toy. Yay! I did it! Now let's never do something so stupid again! Seriously...collecting about 7000 pieces of runecloth (at an average drop rate of 2 every four mobs that might drop it) SEEMED like a good idea...but yeah, not really.


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Monday, May 1, 2006

As promised, the Krinny activity report...such as it is. Ya know, I think there are orders of monastic monks that pattern themselves on my lifestyle. the Krinnonian Sect or some such...would I make that stuff up?

Anywho, what has Krinny done for the past week? If you're nerd like I suspect you are...a lot. First off, last week we conquered the Blizzard-imposed nonsense in their new quest line in WoW (as viewable here). This touched off a lot of pointless drama in the guild, for reasons I'm still not entirely sure about. People felt like they were being excluded from all these runs despite the clear statement beforehand that the group was to practice as hard as they could together to get this down. I dunno, I guess people agree to things without pondering their full ramifications and then complain when it occurs to them? Wouldn't be the first time. Fortunately, we're not complete babies like a lot of groups and once the general ranting back and forth was done, we went back to business as usual. Also, getting to the new stuff is a lot more fun and the new stuff for rogues looks quite nice (as viewable here).

I'm at another crossroads with WoW where I'm kind of...out of goals? Like there's plenty of stuff still in the game to do, but I don't know what I want to do now. Like I started wanting to get a character to the max level. Done. I wanted to get the full rare set for said character. Done. Wanted to get another character to 60. Done...twice. Wanted to get the rare set there. Nearly piece to go. Wanted to have every profession represented to the max skill. Nearly done as well...this week should see the last of them. Have a character of every class. Done. So now what? Do I bring up yet another character? If so, which? Do I just poke about farming for money/materials? I realize it's an entirely goofy thing to think about, but I find having stupid things to think about is much better than always pondering "serious" issues. At least here if I screw up, nobody's running away crying...I just have to try something else.

Speaking of people crying and screw-ups, yeah...some people out there REALLY need to get a freakin' clue. Seriously. It's one thing to be oblivious to how big of a jerkass you're being...but when you've been told NUMEROUS TIMES to YOUR FACE that you're being a dipwad, you either need to stop being a dipwad or stop associating with that person who feels you're treating them like a dipwad. By the same token, if you consistently have to tell someone they're a dipwad and they're hurting you...GET RID OF THEM, DON'T CONTINUE TO LET THEM HURT YOU. Just because you love someone does not always mean they're healthy for you. I love drawn/melted butter, it's great with crab and vegetables...this does not it is a good thing for me to have constantly. Yes, it will suck in the short-term, but doesn't it pretty much suck already? At least with them gone you'd be making progress towards a healthy (and hopefully happy) life. I know I've needed (and will undoubtedly need again) to be on the receiving end of that lecture...but it's true. Love shouldn't be something that causes you pain day in and day out...and love isn't something that another person uses to get what they is about caring for someone else more than you care about yourself. When it's returned in kind, it's a beautiful and joyous thing...when it's not or it's abused for selfish ends, it's the most horrible thing on the earth.

/hop off of soap box

Now that that's out of the way, back to pointless minutae! I replaced my paint brushes over the weekend. Most of the ones I used were showing their age to begin with, and I'm fairly sure by now they're in pretty bad shape. Figured rather than try and struggle through with brushes that don't hold a point or have bits of paint stuck in them, I'd just get bunches of new ones. We'll see how it goes...

My psychology course is done now, and my computer one will wrap up this week. If I do well on the final in my computer course, I'm pretty sure I get an A regardless of anything else I do. Kind of handy. Somehow in my psychology class I managed a 100 average. I'm not kidding either. Highest grade in the class (go figure, being the highest grade POSSIBLE) but it was kind of funny. Our teacher gave us all randomly generated ID numbers, and he'd just send out everyone's grades all together (since you could only "see" your own). Throughout the semester there was always one student who was that little bit ahead of me because I'd really farked up one of the quizzes. However on the final grade he dropped our lowest assignment which boosted my quiz/homework average up a goodly bit. After trailing them the whole semester I pulled into the lead over this fellow who scored a 99.7% for their final average. All I can say to this is...IN YOUR FACE STUDENT 11539! IN YOUR FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE! I have also discovered, as scary as it may seem, that I'm probably the most "normal" person in my various social circles. This probably explains why I always feel like an outsider, because I've always quipped that the normal people are the biggest freaks of all. Guess I was right!

Speaking of freakish things, I was cruising the Internet on Saturday looking for some videos to watch. As I said I'm kind of listless in WoW and figured I'd try this "music video" thing I vaguely remember from my youth. Wow...some really weird stuff out there. I don't know how some of these sites got tied together, but daaaaaaamn. I made the foolish mistake of thinking that music would lead to music to music...but no! Weirdest crap I have personally found. Like this minute long clip from a Japanese (or at least Asian) game show that has three women on it, one of them being "teased" by this weird brush-on-bike-chain device and the other two faking it (you can really only see the top half of the women from the contestant's perspective). The goal of this game appears to be guessing which one's cavorting is real. I'm still not sure if it's the scariest thing I've seen or the most brilliant game show idea ever...or both. Suffice to say, my opinion of "Japan is weird" was reinforced here. Sadly, I didn't think to bookmark it in my scurrying to other places so I can't share it with you...Google might be able to help there if you're really curious.

Anyway, it's almost time to go so I'll cut this one If something else tickles my fancy to post, I will do so at that time. Later!

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Since the runt "tagged" me, I suppose I'll follow the chain (this is really just because I'm bored and have nothing better to do)...however, because I have that basic level of human decency, I'll not inflict this on anyone else. (haha)

10 things you want to say to people but probably won't:

1) I seriously don't think you understand what it means to be who you are. You can't just toss things out there without thinking about'll end up hurting a lot of people that you care about with what seems to be an off-hand remark. It sucks, but that's the burden you've got now.

2) I've never seen someone so desperate to make themselves unhappy. I wish I knew what I could say or do to make you realize who you are and what you can do and actually have you believe it. What's even worse is that you know you do it, and try to stop but never seem to be able to.

3) Sometimes I think if you weren't around, I'd go absolutely insane and end up talking like you and asking people if they can squeal like pigs. Thanks for being there.

4) Love your sense of humor and your ability to influence people to get things. Sorry about the whole...ya know...killing your character thing.

5) I realize you're sarcastic and evil...but you could be nicer to me. I'm sarcastic and evil and cynical to boot, but I still find time to be supportive and comforting.

6) You really make me feel completely and utterly inadequate. That's a rare thing to be able to do, and I don't mean it in a bad way. I just feel like there's no way on earth I can keep up with you and your many talents. I just know one day I'm going to say "I knew them when..."

7) I've learned to accept you and your insanity, and even value your friendship. I'm not taking anything made out of wool from you though, I know how you got it...

8) Thanks for always listening when I needed someone to talk to. I know you've got 342897 things to do when you're around and you're the mother hen to a bunch of whiney babies...but you handle it well.

9) Some people are born dumb...some are that way through's rare to find someone who combines the two so readily while appearing to be at least functionally intelligent. I'll never understand how you can so readily toss aside something that so many people spend their lives trying to find and then don't even seem bothered that you're doing it.

10) It's nice to know there's someone out there with as short of an attention span but as big of an obsessive complex as me. Now, if only I could match you in actual ability...

Initials - F(C), S, S(Tr), S(Ti), D, G(R), J, C, K, S

A Krinny activities post will follow sometime soon. Last one out...hit the lights...

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Monday, April 10, 2006

So...back to work...wee.

First off, I'd like to welcome Chris "Forty Ounces to Freedom" Fortier to Krinny's MySpace family. We're old high school buddies, and it's cool to see him around again. I hear he's now some fashion of high-powered lawyer who will probably be making more money per day than I'll see in a month. One of the few people I know that I can say they earned that though. And congratulations go out to him on his engagement. Guess all the things Kelly wrote about him in various men's rooms around the country weren't true after all...and don't wonder what else she was doing there...just move along and smile.

Onto other matters, an actual post about something more than trivial crap (well, more than obviously trivial crap at any rate). The runt stopped by this weekend for a day on her way down to NC. I got to meet her daughter, and it was the first time I'd seen her since her last visit about 8 months ago or so. Seems like a long time, but that's about the time frame we average on visits, which really kinda sucks. These times always leave me with such mixed feelings. It's great when she's around and I don't think we've ever NOT had an enjoyable time by the end, but then after one or the other of us has to go, that's it. So it's like "yeah, that was great couple days/hours...ok now it's over, see you in eight months!" I guess that's the real problem with having friends like this over the Internet. You have that natural inclination to be part of their lives, and yet, you can't.

Like flipping through her baby's album and seeing all these people that are such a part of her daily life and get to BE there for most of the time and not really being one of them. I don't think the English language has words to properly describe how much that sucks/hurts...especially since some of those people don't even realize what they have. It's really frustrating because I know it's not really that feasible for either of us to fix that situation (she's got her life up in NY, I've got mine down in VA...not fair to either of us to try and pick up and move), but just because my mind knows it's stupid to think about it doesn't keep me from wanting it. I suppose that this is why lottery tickets still get sold, you logically know it won't happen, but you try anyway.

Krinny's screwed up emotional issues aside, the visit was fun. I got to feed a baby for the first time, and she's a very even-tempered baby (barring stuffy noses...stupid pollen...) and showed that yes, babies do know how to mimic facial expressions. We played stick-your-tongue-out with each other for about ten minutes...which I gather the runt didn't *totally* appreciate me doing while she was trying to burp her, but it wasn't like she was mad about it. Great kid, even if her dad needs to step up a teensy bit more (and by teensy most people would say "a lot"). I think once I got adjusted to the lack of sleep and money, I could probably be a dad. That adjustment period would suck HARD though, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to actively seek out that path. Good to know that it could be done if needs be though...

A lot of learning went on for the runt as well. For example, she learned that iPods are not a "useless waste of money" after all. I think the concept that eluded her was "smaller than walkman/discman, but holds more than an entire computer"...sure you can get a discman and CD-R for like $20, but then if you don't like a song on it anymore you have to re-burn the CD, assuming you can. iPod you just remove it from the playlist and call it a day...and this doesn't cover the ability to have movies at your disposal as well (seriously, our sysadmin ripped an entire DVD to mp4...looks just fine on an iPod at 1GB). Also, she learned the clearly obvious truth that Red vs. Blue is the greatest of all-time. I know I mentioned them once a few years ago...they still kick ass.

It also was the runt's first time playing WoW, and for a complete and utter newbie who didn't have the luxury of even a manual, she did pretty well...getting to level 6 in a fairly normal amount of time once you take out the time spent attending to the baby. It's a pity she doesn't have access to a computer that could actually run WoW at home, I think she'd probably be pretty good once she got the tricks down (playing on someone else's computer running around 100 custom addons isn't exactly the best thing for a first-timer). She seemed to enjoy it, to the point that she actually took my WoW CDs in case one of the machines she can get to at home can run it, and looked like she enjoyed it for more than just making the character...even if that did seem to be her primary interest. If I didn't effectively live on WoW during the week (and most of the weekend), I'd let her play on my account, but since she could kick me off in the middle of a 45 minute Baron...yeah, I can see the conflicts that'd arise from here. I'd get her an account of her own if she wanted...but if she doesn't have regular access to a machine she can play on, that's money on an account I'd rather not spend (granted, if you can manage 8 hours a month it's the same cost per hour of entertainment as most the bar on "regular access" isn't real high). With that in mind, if anyone has an old, workable computer lying around that's got a P4 and a gig of RAM, lemme know. She needed a new computer 4 years you can imagine how festive it is now. I have my old Dell that's essentially just taking up space now, but I'm not too sure that one of the hard drives and the video card are long for this world (hence my replacement computer). Maybe I'll bug our Dell rep and see if he can cut me a deal on one...something to do at any rate. I haven't asked for anything in a loooooooong time.. ;)

Speaking of WoW, Friday was great for my hunter, Sunday sucked absolute balls. My hunter got the infamous Finkle's Skinner and their rare set chest (completely removing the need for me to go to UBRS and use the damned skinner... /sigh). Fate also got a really cool drop in the form of an item for a piece of epic armor, so that's exciting too. She puts in a lot of time for the guild and basically lets me play characters other than my warrior in the guild, so it's good to see nice things happen for her. Sunday...gah, that was horrendous. I don't know what was up with us but we had a group of five people who just could NOT hit the right buttons. It was very, very sad.

In other news, I snagged a copy of Twilight Imperium, Third Edition on Thursday. Back when I got my WoW board game, I noticed the company made this one and it looked really cool. I went around to the various stores that might have such a thing...nobody did. Thursday I finally made it to the toy store (where I haven't been in over a month if memory serves) and what should they happen to have sitting on their shelves (this time)? Yep...of course, the fancy had struck me so many months ago I completely forgot that it was the game I wanted back then. It wasn't until I saw the manufacturer's logo at checkout that the bell was rung and I went "Oh yeah...", so I guess it's a good sign that I thought it was a cool-looking game twice. Still haven't even opened it yet though. Too busy cleaning, being visited and doing the work I should have been doing but didn't because of the first two.

Speaking of the toy store, I really wish I could get back into painting. I think that was a nice outlet for me, but I just lack the patience/motivation to do it anymore. My brain finally caught up with me in that I'm not really buying that many new toyz, but I think a lot of what I did turned out pretty well. I think I'll make an effort at some point to paint more Tau since they're the current new releases. I think the squad I had looked pretty cool, and they're not hard to paint. More news on that as the situation progresses.

Real quick hugs go out to Sarah and Susan and Erin and Raads and "Ray" and the rest of the RS crew that I still keep up with. RS wasn't the same as ATF, ATF is much closer-knit due to its smaller size, but without friends like you all in RS I'm not sure I'd have been able to get into a group like that and stay with it. Probably would have been one of the many people in WoW who gets depressed in the end-game about "nothing to do" instead of someone who logs in to hang out with their friends and not stress too much (note: TOO much) over virtual things. <3 you all.

Big post, so that's all for me. Krinny-as-Charles-Dickens...away!

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Monday, April 3, 2006

Yeah...I've made an executive Krinny desicion...I'm actually going to try to POST this year. Even if there's nothing to talk about (NOTE: this will undoubtedly be the norm...if you're looking for action or excitment, you're at ENTIRELY the wrong blog). Seriously, seeing posts on the blog that stretch back till 2004 because it shows the most recent 14 entries is just...sad.

First off, a few work rants. One, Dell is somewhat annoying me at this point. We've got a bunch of units with "known will be faulty" parts. Dell, to their credit, is trying to pro-actively replace them BEFORE they fail, so cool beans. However, since our techs will be doing the work, Dell is going to reimburse us for that time...except they only pay electronicly as of this year and our bank accounts are controlled by the City Treasurer, so the likelihood of getting it set up can be equated to a situation involving ice cubes and their ability to stay frozen in HELL. Just annoying that it's taking the amount of time it has (we were supposed to GET the parts by now) for something so minor. It's $3k...just give us credit with Dell FFS...not like we don't order that much from them on a regular basis...send us a 40" TV for the shop and we'll call it even, k?

On another topic...I really hate how people will read a little bit about technology and immediately start off asking about a really dumb idea. I guess someone (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) noticed a bunch of commericials on TV about game development and thought we should maybe look into doing these things (gotta boost enrollment...and *I* would have taken a class about making games back in high school). They read up about things like "computer farms" and "rendering" and wanted to know if we could do it. kill....rising. Ok, there's a reason that those development studios out there spend millions of dollars...because their development isn't cheap. Secondly, none of your staff that'd be working with the kids has anywhere near the level of expertise to do any of the things that'd require a radically different setup like a rendering farm...a single machine is fine for the little models they'd be doing. If a teacher did know how to do something super that'd require that sort of kit, they sure as hell wouldn't be working for the chickenfeed pay they get here when they could be making three times as much in the private sector (not that this is an accomplishment, mind you...our teacher pay sucks...almost as bad as our IT pay). Finally, THE KIDS ARE IN HIGH SCHOOL! God! Leave something for colleges to teach them to justify their ever-bloating tutition fees. Get the kids involved in modding if you MUST go down this route. It's much simpler, easier to get results out of without massive hardware investments and still teaches the kids how to work together on a project and a lot of the "concept" work behind development. Hell, if they do a good enough mod it'll 1) get played on the Internet, which will be a pride thing for the kids and 2) help start building a portfolio of work for when they do go out job-hunting. The aborted "Apple Catcher 3D" game or whatever silly game they could reasonably develop in an instructional setting will probably pale in comparison.

/rant off

So aaaaaaaaaaaanywho...the recent WoW patch was a mixed bag in my estimation. Some features, very nice...the XP-to-gold at 60 is most helpful, as is the "pick where you're going and you'll travel there without stopping" flights. Granted, the flights aren't shorter, but now on some of the longer ones you can safely go somewhere else and make dinner rather than nursing your character through four shorter flights. Handy, in a somewhat odd way.

On the disappointing note is the armor upgrade quest. It starts out decently enough, requiring the gathering of various items and the investment of a decent amount of money. Then, they throw an arbitrary challenge your way...engage one of the medium-difficulty bosses of the end-game in 45 minutes...when a traditional method would normally take an hour and a half. Yes, there's something to be said for a challenge, but this is a bit over the top. Our first attempt at even clearing the place failed horribly due solely to the classes we had at our disposal. We then cleared the place on Friday, but it took an excessively long time (more than twice what we're alotted). This all makes it very "meh". This quest would be fine if it was the end of the chain, but it's pretty much right at the beginning. There's also no alternate MUST do this. Of course people are saying "Oh, it's supposed to be're getting epic items" but the raiders I've spoken to and my own experiences with raiding say that this quest alone is harder than anyone who raids MC has had to go through outside of the last boss. The kick in the teeth? The items in MC are STILL better than these. Blizzard dropped the ball on that aspect and it really still sends the "join a raid guild or GTFO" attitude they were supposed to be reversing with this content. Oh well.

I've decided that only the rogue will be pursuing that content at this point. Just way too much money and materials in total to do it on multiple ones. Maybe on the freak chance that I get bored waiting for the expansion, I'll do it with the warrior. Really the only reason I'm putting up with it on the rogue is because the new set looks so cool. Also, the rogue is done with Shadowcraft, much to Stoke's delight (he's been 60 longer than my warrior...still needs his chest piece which my rogue got their first run in UBRS...hehe)...only notable thing there was friday was 3 set pieces in less than 24 hours. Crazy.

Oblivion = really cool. Xbox 360 losing the read randomly = really not. I'll probably snag the PC version of the game just for the construction set.

Moving off of video games (and yes Seanny B, I know about GalCiv2...but thanks for the thought), I need to do some housecleaning. Actually, I'll stop lying and say I need to finish putting away stuff from when I moved in, but in addition I need to clean the house. Motivation, as always, remains at an all-time low. It'll get done I'm sure...someday.

Well, that's all I feel like rambling about at the moment. One day I will master the art of the short post...right now, "any post" is what I'm going for.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Haha, I love how I titled the post "Pointless Rambling" since that's all I ever actually do here. Redundancy for the win!

After taking my Psychology test yesterday (which I probably got a B on...possible variation of one letter grade in either direction), I got to pondering my own development...go figure, I'd just spent 4 days studying learning and human life-cycle development. As I mulled it further, I figured I'd toss it up here as something of a "Review of Krinny." In other words, this is probably why I'm so screwed up.

For those who are unaware, I'm a former military brat...Air Force to be exact. In case you didn't know, the military moves people around quite frequently...this meant that I had to move as well. We averaged every 3-4 years another move...which makes talking to people who still live in the same house they were born in quite strange. Anyway, my early life constitued Harrisburg, PA to San Antonio, TX to Colorado Springs CO, to Hampton, VA to York County, VA (which may not seem that far, but when you're talking about 10 miles via highway to someone below driving age, that might as well be another state).

Where am I going with that? Well, as a result of all those moves, making friends was quite difficult for me. It seemed like about that time that you had a steady friendship, it was time to move again. Obviously to a child, who doesn't fully understand all the things going on around them, this is not a fun experience. My folks had purchased an Apple IIc computer at some point (I believe in Colorado) and I began using this at a fairly young age (5 or 6). As the moves went on, my attachment to the computer and things like it (such as our old Nintendo) became more concrete as they were always available, whereas friends I'd make were effectively gone with each move (from the child's perspective at any rate...and it was the 80s and early 90s, so means of communication were still somewhat Internet, no cell phones for kids, etc.).

The computer (and by computer I'm also including computer-like things), in a sense, began to fill that "best friend" role. It was something that could keep me amused, could help me learn, and could even allow me to create. If I wanted to write a story, I could...if I wanted to pretend to be someone else for a while in a game, I could. I think that need being so readily and easily fufilled in some ways diminished my desire to pick up "social" skills. While anyone who's met me knows I'm not exactly the quiet type who wants to get out of a room as fast as they can, they can also tell you that I'm not someone who goes out of their way to seek social interaction. I think that's a lasting side-effect of those childhood years...why spend the effort on making friends I'd eventually lose when I could fill the same niches in a different way?

That obviously has had some negative impacts. I think my gradual weight gain is due mainly to a particularly sedentary lifestyle. With no social demands to get me out and about, the energy consumption is quite low. Also, I can go on and on for lengths about games and computer gear, but am really, really bad at describing any problems I'm having with other people. I just lack that same reference of experience and comfort in talking about it.

Now, it's also had some good side effects. I don't waste money on a lot of pointless activities. I know one guy who goes out every weekend and spends about a hundred dollars a weekend. $400 a month, just for that. I'll go out maybe once a month with people and spend a far more reasonable $60-80 a month. Is that "better"? Meh, he's got a steady girlfriend and an active lifestyle, but I don't think he's any happier for all that. On the flip side, I don't really notice when payday is since I can afford to pay my bills fairly readily with the money saved while he sometimes has to be sligthly concerned as he'll have $100 to last for two weeks. Also, it has had the obvious benefit of that which I learned as a child is what I'm currently paid to do...that innate understanding of my "friends" allowing me to, in a sense, just "know" what is wrong and where to go to fix it.

Also, with the emergence of the computer as a communication tool, I've come into contact with an insane world of people that I would have had no way of knowing otherwise. Before, my friends were isolated little groups here and there, and usually had some unifying theme to them. Now, as a result of the computer, I have friends ranging from people still in their teens to folks up past 40 and beyond. My affiliation with online gaming clubs has really produced something of an online family unit. Do they completely replace the real world? No, but they provide such a similar support network that they take on more of the day-to-day roles. Not sure what it'd be like without those guys, but I'm fairly sure it wouldn't be good.

Anyway, I've rambled on for long enough now I suppose...but I thought it was interesting how one minor detail (my father being in the military) can lead to the events that nearly define what a person does and becomes.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yeah...being sick = not fun. Just in case anyone wanted an update on that. Maybe you heard that being sick was the new rage...the new "it" thing to do. I assure you, it still sucks.

On the upside, lost a small bit of weight, and got off of work for three days. Sure, it would have been nicer had I actually been capable of doing anything worthwhile on those three days, but a break isn't always bad.

Got to see my brother Saturday, so that was nice I suppose. I've just always hated trips that involve you being on the road longer than you're actually at a location. Granted, my brother's a special case since he's usually out of the country, but the point remains.

I've got to take a pyschology test this week (probably this afternoon), which is "teh ubersuck". What's evil is that the class doesn't stop for them, it's just part of what you're doing. I also have a test in my programming class, that is our assignment. Sure, it sucks, but at least that's all we have to do. I do think my understanding of the first chapter on this psych test was diminished by the fact that we had to learn it at the same time we were preparing for our last test. Blah. Being sick didn't help, but at least I had a chance to read the, to see if I remember it. I also need to get started on the project for that class that we were somewhat supposed to be doing throughout. Believe it's due in about a month.

On to my usual babbling about games. Battle for Middle-Earth II...meh. Again, the same thing for Empire at War...counter-units counter too well. The touting of walls is great and kind of fun....except that one siege engine with an easily obtainable upgrade can lay waste to whole swathes of it. Kind of takes the entire fun out of the feature, especially when it's bugged (at least...I'd hope such stupidity was unintentional) that you basically have to tear down an entire section of wall should one hub get destroyed. I don't get what's with the designers behind these RTSes. They're very cookie-cutter Rock-Paper-Scissors sort of things, which I find quite boring. It's not as bad as all that, but the most effective means of fighting boil down to that...fighting cavalry? Build pikemen. Opponent like building archers? Build cavalry. Pikemen got you down? Build swordsmen. Guess I'm thinking back to Dawn of War where the factions were significantly different. Think that's the problem with both these franchises is that they've basically got the same methodology and framework behind both sides. Minor variations, but at the end of the day they're the same forces with different skins. In DoW, the marines function fundamentally different from the Orks, who in turn are different from the Guard, who in turn are different from the Eldar. There's a bit of overlap between the different sides, but they really are different too.

Snagged a copy of Oblivion the other day, which was one of my main reasons for wanting to get an Xbox 360. It was also why I didn't stress too much when it didn't arrive for 4 months after I ordered it, since the game I wanted it for (at the moment) wouldn't be out until March anyway. Haven't gotten too far into it yet (there was a Molten Core attunement run last night...had to quasi-pay attention to that) but any game that lets you, quite literally, steal horses = win. Plus at level 1 I had a mount...take that WoW with your stupid "gotta be level 40" restriction. As with all Elder Scrolls yourself a favor and buy the strategy guide. Bethesda puts way too much stuff into these games for you to ever figure it all out on your own. If you're not into looking ahead, that's fine...but get it anyway for when you get absolutely stumped (if Morrowind was any indication, it WILL happen). And if you don't own Morrowind for the PC or Xbox...go buy it. Now. Game of the year edition that includes Tribunal and Bloodmoon...also get the book for that version. Seriously. Go. Now.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

That's what I feel like anytime I deal with anything relating to the I'm driving rusty nails in my eyes.

We've got a number of units that have suspected faulty parts and Dell is agreeing to replace them proactively (including Ghost software for the hard drives) rather than just letting them fail. Nice of them, but to get the reimbursement I have to fill out no less than six forms, including two related to the IRS. It's maddening, since this is an aspect of the enterprise I'm not terribly versed in. I can handle my own tax affairs well enough (I suppose), but trying to figure out what to do when a vendor has to treat you like a business when you're anything but is quite...annoying. Not that I'm overly fond of paperwork to begin with mind you...

I'm doing amazingly well in my classes. I'd figure I'd do good in a programming course being as I have an affinity for the computer, but I'm doing about the same in my psychology course. Now, the interesting bit here is that I've never really studied psychology at all beyond what one does as natural observation (For instance, examining runts for mental disorders...granted, this is far from an in-depth analysis needed...more like "shaky grasp of the obvious" to notice... <3). So this is a class I know nothing about forrmally and I'm taking it in an online format. I figured that I was doing well on the quizzes because I could read the book and immediately log on and take the quiz. Thought the first exam would show me for the learning fraud I really am...instead I score the second highest grade in the class with a 103 (9 points of extra credit possible with 3 point curve). That test was done pen and paper, so it's not like I could refer to the book.

Also reading the section about parenting has convinced me that I would currently be a horribly unfit father. I mean, I can think of some fathers out there that I'd beat just because I'd, ya around without having guns drawn on me and dragged kicking and screaming...but I'd probably just be around. With my cat, that mode of care works well...he likes being acknowledged from time to time, but he's overall happy just being left to his own devices for the most part (mainly because I annoy him I'm sure). A baby couldn't work that way, and I'm not sure I could adjust very well. Somewhat sobering thoughts I suppose, but then again we never know how we'd act IN a situation. Still, on the whole, fairly sure my kid would end up more screwed up than me (and that's saying something!).

In other news, the WoW insanity continues unabated. It's good that I have an easily amused mind, I think I'd have burned out on this game a long time ago otherwise. My hunter is slowly beginning to resemble someone who's been around for a year, picking up his shoulders and key to the big public instance (public meaning you don't need to get a group of just people you're affiliated with to run). He needs 3 more pieces, and they've from 2 different places (one of them being where he just got the key to, which is still somewhat uncommon). So yay there...also, the paladin finally ascended to the ranks of the mounted (the fact that theirs is free helps) and it kitted out in much better gear. She needs a few minor upgrades, but that's really it.

Galactic Civilizations 2 is the quite addictive little game. It doesn't seem like a whole lot on the surface, but the ability to fully customize (barring the look of weapons/modules) the look of your ship is quite addictive. You can almost make a game out of that, to be quite honest. Sometimes that can be quite disconcerting as you lavish loads of time on a new design to have to wonder why the game doesn't seem to have progressed that much (seriously, spent 30 minutes designing a heavy cruiser). A great time sink if ever there was one. The fact that you DON'T NEED THE DAMNED CD IN THE DRIVE TO PLAY THE GAME is also quite nice, and I wish more game companies would follow that lead. I really hate having to "hack" the games I *pay for* to get the same convenience and playability that people who steal the games get. Something is wrong here, and that's all the more I'll say.

Picked up Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth 2 over the weekend, so hopefully I'll get around to installing that one as well. In the meantime, I'm very, very tired from being up far too late playing usual.

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